1. Design your logo

Use Adobe illustrator or Photoshop to assist your logo design. Once it is ready you can check out some of the design application on the caps with different options.


2. Choose your headwear style

Our Custom Private Label Service has 11 headwear styles for you to choose from. You can also download our headwear tech pack templates to assist your design process too. Check out our templates.


3. Pick your fabric and color

Different fabrics give the wearer unique feels and for different occasions. We have a number of colors with different fabrics for you. Click here to see which fabric is more suitable for your headwear.

4. Let’s Chat

Send us your logo design and the tech pack you have completed. We would love to see it and get the details down with you.


Each is a story

Here are some of the works we have done.


Have a look at our Custom Private Label Service! There are 11 options of headwear styles with over 50 different colors to choose from. The caps will look amazing with your logos.


We provide Full Customization Service at low MOQ of 200 pieces per design (including color). If you need something really special and development required, you can learn more about our Full Customization Service.


Feel like we will work well together? Talk to us!
We will get back to you with our best talents.


Get your story told in Caps.

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Minimum Order Quantity: Private Label Service: 50 pieces per design and color Full Custom Service: 200 pieces per design and color
You can learn more by clicking here.
You can check out some of our options here.
The main design in the front panels.
For side, back panels, strap or velcro closure